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The Web Page "Society of the Sword" is a perpetual memorial to those of our personal and church family that have lost children. 

Symbol of the Holy Spirit Over an Altar in St Peter's Basilica

Spring Branch has not changed much in 10 years

SprBran1.jpg (70540 bytes)  SprBran2.jpg (55020 bytes)
Not So
Thriving downtown area as the BBQ place and store went out of business.  The expensive beauty parlor in an old home to the left of the gas station is doing well.

Nearest HEB grocery store is still 13 miles away in Bulverde.  Sad to say Bulverde is growing and a Home Depot opened two years ago.

1863 Florist opened their doors in early Sept 2006. 
RIP 1863 Florist July 31, 2009

St. Joseph Honey Creek Catholic Church is 18 miles away and we moved from our small 100 year old German sanctuary to a new 1000 seat church on August 13, 2006

San Marcos Outlet Mall is only 33 miles - this includes a beautiful drive over the Devil's Backbone formation.  Did you know that this mall is the third largest tourist attraction in Texas?

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